Flash Storage

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Flash Storage

Flash Storage

TSP Global’s Embedded storage team members are experts of NAND Test, NAND Interface and Firmware Algorithm.
We try our best to provide better products for the customers through continuous technology developments.
We consider various characteristics of products on the basis of NAND cells , Firmware Algorithm and interface.
There are products compliance tests, reliability tests and interface compliance tests and diverse debugging tests.
We will try to find out all of the possible failure mechanisms of the Storage ,Interface and firmware before supplying the products.
We also provide failure analysis services from visual examination to electrical tests to identify root cause.

Storage materials are changing from floating poly to new material and NAND products are changing traditional 2D NANDs to vertically designed 3D NANDs. We will develop new test scenarios by considering the characteristics of new materials and new technologies of 3D NAND

For the purpose of High speed, the personal computer’s interfaces are turning from SATA to NVMe and Mobile interfaces are changing from eMMC to UFS. TSP Global is trying to supply better products for the Interface Compliance tests and Reliability tests on the basis of Firmware Algorithm and Nand test Protection Algorithm.

Compliance & Reliability Example (in development step)  

1. Specification Base Component Test 
    . Simple Host Interface test 
    . Mode to Mode all function test  
​ 2. Firmware Algorithm Validation Test 

    . Performance Measure in Clean & Dirty Condition 
    . Field Firmware Update SPOR Test 
   .  Firmware Algorithm Base Long Term Reliability Test 
    . Long Term Random Test 

​ 3. Nand Reliability Validation 
   . Nand Defense Algorithm Base Reliability Test 
   . LDPC/BCH Recovery Aging Test (ex. Fault Injection) 

Mass Production  
 . Specification Base Mass Production Validation 
 . Effective test time (Mass Process Optimization, Test Firmware Development) 
 . Test Item : Burn-in , AC/DC Test, Full Function Test , Hot/Cold Test 

Support Product 
 . Development Test Program : eMMC 5.0 , eMCP(eMMC5.0 + LPDDR All Version)  
 . Next Test Program : UFS 2.0 
 . Future Product : SSD (NVMe) , SD, USB 


TSP Test Scenario Sample Example  to NAND Reliability Validation   

1. During Intensive read operation, wordlines of the same blocks are applied some Vpass voltage stresses.

    therefore, Intensive read operation could be happen to data error at near wordlines/unselected wordline


2. Firmware Work Around Algorithm about  Host Intensive Read 
   Case1. Intensive read block could be replaced by intensive read count value of Nand Physical block
   Case2. Intensive read block could be replaced by Random Internal Near page algorithm 
   Case3. Intensive read addresses could be changed other block’s addresses to remove the sources of

              intensive reading 

3.  Scenario Concept : After Intensive Reading,  full area could be verified

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