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DRAM Competitiveness 

TSP Global has abilities to make best modules using all kind of engineering power such as understanding

DRAMs, component test know-hows, and technical support including full level of failure analysis. Those

engineering powers make possible to satisfy any kinds of customer requirements, both of technical and

financial point of view.



TSP Global’s engineers including leaders are veterans of semiconductor who worked at Samsung and Hynix.
We guarantee products’ characteristics and reliability through our component tests, module tests and system tests.
We also improve our products’ quality for ceaseless developments of new algorithm.
We will assure to provide better products through better test scenarios.


Validation Test 

1. Component Test

2. Module Test 

3. System Level Test 

Mass Production Test

1. AC/DC Test 

2. Function Test  

3. Cell & Core Hot / Cold Test 

4. High Frequency Hot / Cold Test 

5. Over Clocking  

Manufacture Process

TSP Global has all kinds of facilities to make and guarantee quality of various types of modules.
Facilities are includes ATE(Automatic Test Equipment) and automatic handlers for component test, module PCB

design ability, SMT(Surface Mount Technology), system boards for SLT(System Level Test), and packing machines.


Effects of Heat-Sink

TSP Global also making various types of module with Heat-Sink and LED lighting. The purpose of Heat-Sink is

lowering module temperature and specially effective at OC(Over Clocking) modules operating at upper

3000Mbps. The experiment results show more than 15’C down after Heat-Sink installation.


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