Component Test Solution

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Component Test Solution

Component Test Solution

TSP Global is providing component test solution to guarantee best cost-performance at system level.

Based on TSP Global’s most advanced testing expertise, R&D power and  manufacturing facilities,
TSP Global has the ability to provide most optimum test solutions to fit to our customer’s requirements.

Component test products

• DDR3 4Gb X4
• DDR3 4Gb X8
• DDR4 4Gb X4
• DDR4 4Gb X8
• DDR4 8Gb X4
• DDR4 8Gb X8
• LPDDR2 8Gb X64(DDP)
• LPDDR2 16Gb X64(QDP)
• LPDDR3 8Gb X32
• LPDDR3 16Gb X32
• LPDDR3 16Gb X64(DDP)
• LPDDR3 32Gb X64(QDP)
• LPDDR4 8Gb X32

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