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Q1. How to apply Intel XMP to maximize your system performance?
A1. You can load predefined and tested Intel® XMP profiles through your computer’s operating

system, using BIOS or a specific tuning application. To find the right tuning utility for your system,

contact the board manufacturer.
Visit http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/gaming/extreme-memory-profile-xmp.html 



Q2. What is CL/tRCD/tRP?

A2. CL is abbreviation of CAS read Latency which means the delay time(number of clock cycles) from

Read Command to 1st Data output. So the smaller CL, the better performance.  tRCD and tRP are AC

timing parameters of DRAM which are means Active command to Read/Write command and Precharge

command to Active command.  They are also the smaller number, the better performance.

Q3. How to buy Products?

A3. Please check Ordering Information page at Support category for DRAM modules. You can send us

a e-mail for data sheet request of those products. And also you can send us a e-mail if you need flah

storage devices or Component Test Services.

Q4. What is the difference between UDIMM and RDIMM?

A4. UDIMM(Unbuffered Dual In-line Memory Module) doesn’t have any buffer chips on module. RDIMM

(Registered DIMM), however, have a Buffer chip so called RCD(Registering Clock Driver) to buffer

command and address signals between memory controller and DRAM components. Therefore more

RDIMMs(normally Server used) can be installed on system than UDIMM(normally PC used).

Q5. What is the difference between eMCP and eMMC?

A5. eMMC(Embedded Multi-Media Card) is consist of EEPROM(Electrically Erasable Programmable

Read Only Memory) and flash memory controller. It is used for storage device. eMCP(Embedded

Multi Chip Package) is a package type which packaged eMMC and LPDDR(Low Power Double Data

Rate) DRAM within same package to save space on system board.

Q6. What is RMA?

A6. RMA(Return Material Authorization) is the process that abnormal products are being returned to

original maufacturer to claim of exchage to new one or refund. Normally most of malfunctioning

products can be claimed except external damaged caused problems and could be time limitation

from purchased date for RMA.






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